Dedicated to ensuring that

your real estate assets

continue to grow.

Dedicats al fet que el teu

patrimoni immobiliari

sempre continuï creixent.


We are committed to making your real estate assets profitable and up-to-date through the monitoring of occupants, updating of rents, and other aspects of your assets.

Exhaustive control in the administration, accounting, and incident management of your properties.

> Accounting for each owner, updated daily.
> Incident management through computer monitoring.
> Latest-generation property administration software.


Quarterly reports on the evolutionary analysis of the situation of your properties and their occupants.

> Monitoring and control of increases, repercussions, and updates to the 94 Lau.
> Monitoring of incidents and administrative procedures.
> Monitoring of works and maintenance.


Combating delinquency to the maximum.

> Rigorous selection of tenants, checking solvency and references.

> Speed in the claim of returned and unpaid receipts, not letting accumulate more than two receipts without the intervention of our legal advice.

> Communication and transfer of the data of the debtor tenant, to the file of debtors of the School of Administrators of Barcelona, where he will have the opportunity to settle his debt.


Building diagnosis.

> Technical controls: The building book and safety certificates for external elements, which are mandatory according to current regulations.

> Our Technical and Service Department will conduct a diagnostic study of each property, identifying existing pathologies and their required repairs, preventing new pathologies, and preparing a complete maintenance manual for the property and its elements, with a periodicity of up to 10 years to extend the useful life of each element.

> In conclusion, we make your property profitable and take care of it by anticipating any events.


24h assistance service on weekends and holidays.

> For any type of repair or breakdown, we have an emergency service that attends to our customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

> We can repair electrical, water, gas, masonry, and other related breakdowns in your home or building.